Pictures of Bristol Blenheim's only

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    Ian, Thanks
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    You're welcome!

    I wonder, given your Dad was the 113's photographer, if you have any info on the "incident" of the Blenheim and the Brick Cross, mentioned on this page of the 133 history - CALCUTTA, Back in business ?!


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    Ian, no sorry as I put in post 35 he joined 113 in August 1942 and this incident took place in May 1942.
    I can comment on the "fishy" photo. Father was well versed in manipulating images (even in those non digital days) whether it be in the camera, processing the film or in printing; many of which ways which he taught me when I was aged about 11. Presumably he learnt about this in the RAF. My guess would be two images were projected on the photographic paper and then the developer and fixer adjusted in composition, dilution and temperature to try and mask what had been done.
    He also taught me that getting the shot was the most important and strangely I am most averse now to digitally enhancing images or using photoshop. David
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    I remember too long ago making a Blenheim model which had a very similar gun below the nose which was used to protect the vunrable underbelly of the Blenheim, but firing backwards, or did l missread the instructions? What is very unusual is the nose section which does not look right at all but it could be a mark V.

    I know they experimented with lots of different configerations to make the Blenheim fit into all its many different roles, much like they did with the mosi, which really replaced it, although chalk and cheese jumps to mind, but that never stopped the Blenheim Boys doing what they had to do.

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    Love that picture.

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    I am sure you will all be delighted to hear that the restored Bristol Blenheim is back in the air and heading towards an air show near you. Now a Mark l, not my preference, but l neither built it or paid for it so l will keep quiet but l have my favourites.

    Wonderful work by the team at Duxford and the Blenheim Society, no tanks or pictures of Dunkirk but everyone should be a member to support this project and the memories of the Blenheim Boys!!!!



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