Pictures of the Officers of 2nd Heavy Ack Ack Regiment, Indian Army

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    Hello Respected Community Members.
    My name is Shees and i am since long searching for the pictures of the officers of 2nd Heavy Anti Aircraft Regiment, Indian Army.
    I would be totally indebted to you all if you find any sort of picture. To make it easier to comprehend, following are the gist of requirement of photos;-
    1. A photo of the officer or Junior Ranks Soldiers
    2. Or photos of their family
    3. Photos of their Uniform/ Military Dress or anything that was kept and still maintained
    4. Photos of the Medal if any
    5. Photos of the Shields or Trophies
    6. Etc (incl anything that relates to the officer or the unit)
    Once again thanking you all.
    Profound Regards Army Logo 08.jpg
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