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  1. vitellino

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    Hello everybody,

    Just to let you know that I have prepared a website on this camp. POW camp PG 112 Turin

    It contains full lists of prisoners for two of the sub-camps - 112/2 La Mandria and 112/5 Castellamonte, the first list being included in the Escape Report of Sgt. Thomas J. Powell, R.A. (WO 208/3352/27459), Man of Confidence at the sub-camp, and the second in the Missing Persons file opened after the Galisia tragedy of November 1944 (WO 361/763).

    There are partial lists for the other three sub-camps in which British POWs were held, compiled mainly from letters in the ISTORETO Archive in Turin held in the Borghetti file. These were letters from those people who had helped or given shelter to escaped POWs who had been invited to submit a claim to the Allied Screening Commission.

    Hoping that someone will find the answer to their question about this little-known Italian work camp.

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    Excellent work dear lady, as ever.

    Kind regards, always,

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    Thanks Jim.
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  4. Bill Burnett

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    Hello Vitellino

    I must thank you for your wonderful website on POW Camp PG112, Turin. My father in law, Douglas Charlton, was sent to PG112/2, La Mandria from PG53, Urbisaglia (Macerata) in June 1943. He 'escaped' from La Mandria after the Italian Armistice on 8 September 1943 and he and another British soldier from the camp were taken in and sheltered by Sig Guiseppe Moglio and his family on their farm near Cafasse. Douglas and his companion were on their way to meet up with a group of partisans when they were re-captured by Fascists in the Valli de Lanzo on 29 April 1944. Douglas was sent to Stalag VIIA in Germany.

    Douglas Charlton spoke very little about his time as a prisoner of war with the Moglio family and his daughter (my wife) does not remember the name of the other escaped prisoner who was sheltered by them. I wonder if in the course of your research you have found any information given by families that sheltered escaped prisoners that might help to identify Douglas Charlton's companion.

    Thank you once again.

    Bill Burnett
  5. vitellino

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    Hello Bill,

    I am so pleased that you enjoyed my website.

    I hope the Moglio family put in a claim for compensation for the help they had given to your father-in-law and his friend. This is because the good news is that you can now send to the American Archives for the helpers' files.

    I will check to see if the family put in a claim, and if so will obtain the catalogue number. I will then send you a private message with details of how to obtain a copy of the file. At the top of the first sheet there are always the names of the servicemen whom the family had helped.

    Kind regards,

    VItellino (Janet Kinrade Dethick)
  6. Bill Burnett

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    How exciting! I hope to hear from you soon.


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