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    Good morning.
    I'm writing from italy. Sorry, but my english is not so good.

    Anyone is still working on italian POW camp PG 146 ? I read only old messages about that.
    I'd like to write about pg146 with anybody had father or relatives on that camp.

    I have recently started an historical investigation about a member of my family.

    Thank you.
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    Hi Fabio,

    Can you give us some more details of the relative you are researching please? Name, date of birth, where they were born etc?

    Welcome to the forum.

    Cheers - Maria
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    Ciao Fabio
    This link PG 146 Mortara Pavia takes you to a page with links to names of Allied PoWs in PG 146

    I have looked at the first one, Blakeney, and you will have to scroll down into the comments to discover that he was at PG146.

    Good luck!

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    Camp 146.JPG Camp146.JPG

    Found these gents using the search term Camp 146 in the newspaper archives. Somebody with a subscription to findmypast or the British News Paper Archive might be ble to get the full articles.
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  6. On a link are the following are mentioned and wonder if anyone can check if ''Escape and Evasion'' reports exist for them for it may give and indication of what happened on sheet 2 ''details of Final escape''.

    Rifleman 11620 P.D. Bailey, held at Camp 146.
    Rifleman 11623 J.K. Currin, also held at 146.

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    I've just finished going through documents WO 392/21 and WO 392/1 and have discovered:

    a) That 129 South Africans were registered as being in PG 146, including Bailey and Currin (see above)
    b) That 41 of these appear in a camp in Germany, Austria or Poland (WO 392/1)
    c) That 89 do not appear in WO 392/1 so presumably were escapers

    I have posted this list below.

    If anyone has or has access to a list of Escapers and Evaders please let me know. Find My Past is now completely useless- goodness knows what ADM 199 would say. If you enter the name of an escaper for whom a report is known to exist his name will come up but the words Escape and Evasion do not appear any more. They want us to pay to see what records are held on that person ( I tried it with submariner A. Melling, whose E&E report I have).


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