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    Nice page from WWII memories of Red Cross camp 'Newspapers' reproduced in fully readable form:
    WWII Memories

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    Hmmm....I'll have to take the time to plough through all these nice record...Camp newspapers are very good source documents....I have enjoyed reading Prisoner accounts for a while now, of which my fav is still to this day, Geoff Taylor's PIECE OF CAKE........The page by Churchill is particularly informative, and it's the first account I have seen by the man himself...great source site, I'll just have to take a bit of time to fully read them all...many thanks....!
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    thanks for the link - very interesting especially as my grandfather was in some of the camps at the time of the papers being printed.
    Regards Scott
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    I have the full run & the Far East run also.
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    I have seen this site and the 6th picture down on the left hand column shows my Father's Blenheim crew at Stalag IXc. Sgt. Robert William McDonald is top left and Sgt. Alan Andrew Fuller is bottom right, both Kent boys from 139 Squadron. I believe that my Father is just off the photo next to Fuller in the front row.

    They were shot down on the 1st July 1941 and this photo will undoubtably show the crew of HSL 108 that were captured in the rescue attempt that followed.

    Small world!!

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    Here you go fella's. An alternative picture.


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    Nice page from WWII memories of Red Cross camp 'Newspapers' reproduced in fully readable form:
    WWII Memories


    Some of the P.O.W. Camps produced their own Newsheets.There was even one in the"Transit" Camp at Benghazi.
    Stalag 1VB had a Motoring Club that produced a Magazine,all hand drawn and written of course.
    Penguin published a book some years ago with the title "Flywheel", it gives all the detail of the Muhlberg Motoring Club. The author was Tom Swallow who sadly passed away quite recently.
  8. NickFenton

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    The one l have seen is the Kriegie Yorkshire Post with sports, theatre, news from home and everything.

    A really comprehensive paper.

  9. andy j

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    I have a copy of Flywheel Memories of the Open Road it is an excellent book.
  10. Buteman

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    I'm glad I've seen this. It mentions Stalag IXC, which my mates Father was in, so I'll pass the details of this site on.
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    I see this is quite an old thread but it was pinned so I gave it a browse. The link in the first post no longer works unfortunately. Does anyone still have a copy of the files that were on it?
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    It seems to have been a very interesting link, unfortunately before the time I joined.
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    And there was me getting all excited when I saw someone else had replied to the thread :-D
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    Wayback machine link to just the page.
    Might help in tracking down survivors from it, somewhere.
    WWII Memories
  15. von Poop

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    As we say in Scotland - ya wee dancer! :cheers:
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    It looks like this link might be broken?
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    Post above yours has working link ^^

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    any ideas how I can get hold if these papers ? Would be an interested read.

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