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    The Prisoner of War, vol.2 no.15 July 1943

    E875DD9F-FB00-4A5F-B60D-F4C19824C1E6.jpeg DE39D9C9-26B8-4B15-9269-24E2CD72FA33.jpeg 4F1A59D6-24EF-4A8B-A151-9E11F76D1BD3.jpeg 1F59D165-8BAC-412E-A350-8397DC627A39.jpeg B82053B2-A1D0-4159-9BD4-86C25BA80CBB.jpeg 7797C8E4-CB68-4BC2-8FEC-8792D73E6781.jpeg 61B6752F-E489-4AAD-BF53-BFC15BEBADBB.jpeg 75D939BB-AF6D-4F39-B553-4EC1EA403F38.jpeg A47A5288-3108-4DA9-80B9-709ACF1B5750.jpeg F4AAA7D9-6E68-4451-A4ED-FB6743E81CEE.jpeg D7303329-3557-4985-A044-E2BE957FDB0E.jpeg BF75A0FA-0005-40C6-A61C-A3FD04876599.jpeg 14776D8A-FF02-447F-B30E-EC356297F18A.jpeg 2A270D54-9E70-4A04-8F25-3A912C6CD119.jpeg
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    Very interesting to read. Thanks for posting.
    I also like the pattern for slippers, maybe I should try it out!
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    Thanks. I’ll try to upload some more soon.
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    Off topic (maybe I should start a new thread?). Do people know about the German Bundesarchiv Bild? It's the photo archive, in Koblenz. I'm going there tomorrow to look for photos of Indian POWs. While I'm there, if I have time, I could also look for photos for any of you. Their online database is fairly easy to use Bundesarchiv - Picture database: and they have many photos of POW camps, some very good portraits of individuals. Here's an example

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    The colour photos are particularly fascinating as we are so used to seeing the POW world in black and white. Nothing much pertinent to my own research - although there were some photos of Oflag VIB where my great grandad was at one point. I’ve registered for an account for future use.
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    Just a quick heads up to anyone following this thread. I have now finished scanning the Red Cross POW newsletters which I have and have uploaded these to the Resources section.
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    Thanks for taking the time do upload all of the journals. I'm sure that these will assist researchers going forward.
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    Thanks. Hopefully they will be if some use to others out there. There isn’t much from the Far East unfortunately but at least there’s a few bits and pieces. I’m trying to get hold of some more issues but prices on eBay have gotten a bit silly - used to be able to get 3-4 issues for what is being asked as opening bid for one!
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