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    1601 paul.jpg

    3190842 John Nelson Paul, 2 battery 1 LAA regiment Royal Artillery, he was taken POW 3/10/43 - I believe the unit was on Kos at this point
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    7907875 Donald Price EVANS, Intelligence Corps - POW 1/6/42 at Gazala - its a shame his photo has been removed from his POW card

    IMG_20180625_0002.jpg IMG_20180625_0003.jpg IMG_20180625_0004.jpg
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    Thanks for attaching his German POW records Alastair. I’ve never seen those forms previously. I obtained my father’s POW Index Card when I submitted FOI to NA a few years ago.

    Did you get them from the newly digitised German records at Kew?

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    The POW is the original and came with the paybook, I'm under the impression that in some camps on liberation some men took their cards as souvenirs - I think I have another but cant seem to find it - I've seen a few for sale over the years but not many.

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    Thanks Alistair.


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