Pt Charles Parker, 5884541, 5th Batt Suffolk Regiment / Died 29/06/43

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    I'm looking or any information concerning the above and where he might have been when he was killed. I am carrying out a History walk around Godmanchester this summer and would like to tell his story.
    Died 29th June 1943, aged 24, commemorated on the Singapore Memorial.
    Many Thanks
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    Many thanks Owen, it would appear he died whilst in captivity. Its a truly sad story, all that way just to fight a battle with little hope of success. It would be good to know what happened to him and where he actually died. Hopefully something will come up.
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    Hi Roger,

    A bit of information about Pt Charles Parker, 5884541, 5th Batt Suffolk Regiment.

    Mother was Mrs E Parker of 36 West Street, Godmanchester.

    He was sent by train to the Burma Railway on 9/05/43, as part of "H Party".

    He died of diphtheria, on 29/06/43, at Camp 3, and was buried 2km east of Tampi, in grave #20.

    It does seem most unusual for someone to be listed on the Singapore Memorial, when their actual grave was known. I would have expected him to be rested in Kanchanaburi Cemetery.


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