Pte B.?. Coogan, 4081242

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    This name and Service Number was carved into a brick of a Soldiers Shelter at a Range in County Antrim.

    I cannot make out the second initial.
    The date which is carved by the same Soldier is 30/4/1944

    I would like very much to be able to identify Pte Coogan.
    He does not appear on the CWGC website so I expect that he survived the war.

    Hopefully some of you folks can assist.

  2. Mr Jinks

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    The number indicates enlistment into the Monmouthshire Regiment ?

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    4081242 is a Monmouthshire Regiment service number.
    Bernard Joseph Coogan?
    10th May 1915 - 3Q 1973 Torbay, Devon

    Bernard J, Coogan married at Newport, Monmouthshire 3Q 1947
    Could be a candidate?
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    2nd Battalion Monmouthshire Regt were based in the North of Ireland before being engaged in the 1944 Normandy Campaign.


    “The four Regular Army battalions stationed in Northern Ireland were all quickly posted away. They were replaced by the Territorial Army 53rd (Welsh) Infantry Division, which arrived in tranches between October 1939 and April 1940.

    The first contingent was the 158th Infantry Brigade with its three constituent battalions; plus the 2nd Bn. The Monmouthshire Regiment from the 160th Infantry Brigade. The units were deployed as follows:

    • Headquarters 158th Infantry Brigade - Lisburn
    • 6th Bn. The Royal Welch Fusiliers - Lisburn
    • 160th Field Ambulance - Lisburn
    • 4th Bn. The Royal Welch Fusiliers - Belfast
    • 7th Bn. The Royal Welch Fusiliers - Londonderry
    • 2nd Bn. The Monmouthshire Regiment - Ballymena

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  5. ww2ni

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    Gents this is absolutely fantastic!

    Its brilliant to get him identified.

    Thanks very much!!


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