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  1. I hope this is the right place for these questions,

    From the RAC Tracer Cards you can see my Dad was 'attached', moved to other units. Would his badges have changed according to the unit? I have looked at badges for all the units mentioned - I only have the ERY and RAC badges - nothing for the 7 Hussars or 3/4 C of L.
    I mentioned in an earlier post that I have a photograph somewhere with a collar badge that shows crossed lances, nothing like either the Hussars or 3/4 C of L.

    If he was entitled to wear any off these badges, which should I obtain? particular confused over 3/4 City of London, some of them have either 3 with 'south africa' 1900-1902 on them, the other has 4 and 'sharpshooters'. I have not seen a 3/4 City of London badge.

    6/3/46 37 ORs from East Riding Yeomanry posted to 3/4th CLY.

    I have tried searching this site for both 7 Hussars and 3/4 City of London. I am told nothing found. Help.



    14429290 Kenneth Ernest Zebedee - Tracer Card (a).jpg
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    Hi Victor,

    I appreciate that we are a few years down the line and I assume that you have found answers since.

    My step-grandfather was with the 12th Lancers. He was attached to the No.3 British Air Mission at Dunkirk. Following Dunkirk, he was then transferred to the newly formed GHQ Liaison Regiment.

    Throughout and after the war, he always wore his black beret with 12L cap badge. He also always referred to himself as a Lancer, more than a Phantom.

    So it would appear that the parent unit was kept.


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