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    I’m trying to find some more information about my great Uncle before I make a trip out next year to the far east.I’ve requested the info from MOD but am part of a long waiting list. His details are John Andrew Ross RAFR 11244787 AC 1/C and he sadly died on the 20th Aug 1945.

    I think he may have been in 605 SQN which arrived after the fall of Singapore and he was captured on the 20/3/1942. If anyone could help me with his unit or any further reading recommendations it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome to the forum. The CWGC have his date of death as 25/8/45 also you have added an extra 4 in his service number. Should read 1124787
    Rm-Ro Database note they have the incorrect service number

    Service Number: 1124787
    Regiment & Unit/Ship
    Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

    Date of Death
    Died 25 August 1945

    Buried or commemorated at
    3. F. 4.


    • Country of Service United Kingdom

    Aircraftman 1st Class John Andrew Ross ...
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    The I.J.A. card would help.

    Plenty of bibliography here:

    Bibliography and List of Resources – The Palembang and Muntok Internees of WW2

    Mortality and liberation in Palembang

    May have been on the France Maru:

    Japanese Army Auxiliary Transports

    "5 November 1943:
    Batavia, Java (Jakarta, Indonesia). FRANCE MARU departs Batavia's Tanjong Priok harbor for Palembang, Sumatra carrying 300 British and Dutch prisoners-of-war (POWs).
    10 November 1943:
    Arrives at Palembang, Sumatra. All the POWs survive the journey."
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    Thanks for the replies and links, plenty of reading ahead! I've attached the pow card. I was trying to trace the unit he would have served in. Being a reserve it seems most likely that he would've been part of the reinforcements sent to relieve other units that had served 3 years in the FE. The fee for tracing relatives has been dropped so the waiting list is a bit longer than normal from the RAF records.

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    Personnel were sent to FE on individual posting more than as a unit transfer.

    At the moment RAF Cranwell disclosures is hitting a return within a month from online application.

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    Ro Database

    Entry on Java Party 19 list. (WO 361/2219)
    Screenshot (273).png

    Many were moved to Changi in May 45 but not John.
    Screenshot (274).png

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    The top line of the IJA card should be turned through 90 degrees (see screenshot ) from left to right: 馬來罕舅孜容所 which should translate, when the date is added, to something like: "Departed to Malay POW Camp on 7 November 1943." The card has clear Malaya camp stamps, the previous Java stamps crossed through.

    There are war crimes trial files held by the British to be found in WO 235. These will almost certainly not have the "Abstract of Evidence" on them,- this type of document always go missing - but copies can be found online. These indicate the cruel treatment handed out to POWs.

    See ( small ) downloads from the database of the International Criminal Court: { "legal-tools" }:



    Departure Malaya.png
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