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    Thanks, that's him
    I didn't notice the date on the post!
    I'll post again as you suggested.

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    since I got Biggle's CD it has certainly thrown up some interesting stuff.


    What is Biggle's CD? Is it a commercailly availble disk?

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    o.k guys,do you know where i could find info on luftwaffe fighter losses between the beginning of the war and the entry of the u.s.a.a.f .into the war.
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    I got mine from him on eBay and it was a pleasure to deal with him.
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    Steve - his eBay page is:

    eBay My World - biggles_rfc

    Drop him a mail - I am sure he will send you what you want. As I say, he has been very helpful to me.
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    I'm french and I'm carrying out an investigation about 3 unidentified airmen buried in Liesse Communal Cemetery (not far away from city of Laon, Aisne, France). They have been shot down on 17th may 1940 and I'm pretty sure they were from 82 squadron (bomber command, bristol blenheim aircraft).

    The problem is that 3 crews of this squadron are missing at the same date and commemorated at runnymede :

    serial number aircraft : P4838
    - sgt F.S. MILLER
    - F/O A.M. GOFTON
    - cpl T.H. CUMMINS

    serial number aircraft : P4853
    - sgt R.E NEWBATT
    - sgt J.K. CRAWLEY
    - sgt A.V. KNOWLES

    serial number : P4858
    - sgt A.N. PHILLIPS

    The 82 squadron had no escort during his mission and has been attacked by german figthers. All squadron has been shot down (11 airplanes lost, one came back badly damaged in Watton).
    So, which crew is buried in Liesse ? I found 3 others crash sites of 82 squadron airplanes in the area of Laon, crews identified. The only way for identify these men is a DNA test. I thank that maybe could we find close relatives still alive (brother, sister, children). If we find one relative for each crew, this kind of process could be used.
    My problem is : how to get information about families of these men and finding them.

    I don't understand why I found casualties of 82 squadron in Laon area if their initial mission was in Gembloux (Belgium, not far away from Namur).

    I only found this on a website :

    "At 0400 hours in the morning of 17 May, twelve crews of No,82 Squadron gathered in the briefing room at Watton to be told to attack an enemy column near Gembloux. Their expected fighter escort did not materialize and they ran into a severe flak barrage which split the formation up allowing the Bf 109s to attack with great effect. Only one Blenheim, flown by Jock Morrison on one engine, managed to get back to Watton - the rest were shot down"

    These airmen have been shot down above the village of Marchais, maybe unfortunately by a friendly fire (french troops on the ground). It seems The bristol blenheim aircraft looked like german JU88. The graves say 18 may 1940 but it seems they have been buried by germans who were coming from the Ardennes. In the confusion of "debacle" (exode....) they didn't know the exact date of their death.

    I'm trying to locate two others crash site of 82 squadron (Ardennes ? Belgium ?). If you had any information about unidentified airmen in Ardennes, you can help me.


    Cédric Bonte

    EDIT: I've moved Cedric's query to a thread of it's own to give it more visibility, hope that's ok:
    Cheers, Adam
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    Steve - his eBay page is:

    eBay My World - biggles_rfc

    Drop him a mail - I am sure he will send you what you want. As I say, he has been very helpful to me.

    Thanks again Paul,

    I'm sure I can find something to spend my money on;)

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    I'm new here.

    I've been trying to research my husbands Uncle and I see you have him on your list.

    STAPLES, THOMAS WILLIAM CLIFFORD 615851 Leading Aircraftman 18/05/1940

    Do you have any more info on him?

    Thanks in advance!


    Flight Magazine June 1940 (p.556) lists him as DIED on active service. (natural causes or non-flying accident).

    Thanks to Henk Welting. rafcommands.com
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    Very much appreciated.

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    There is an extensive Roll Of Honour with many pictures in The Battle of France by After the Battle.
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    Yes, since I started this thread that book has come out and I have a copy -excellent it is, too.
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    There is an extensive Roll Of Honour with many pictures in The Battle of France by After the Battle.

    Still haven't got my copy. Anyone on here fancy getting me it for Christmas?

    Thought not.
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  16. Gage

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    ATB have removed all the prices so I suspect they may be preparing for a pre Xmas sale like last year.

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    Lee, if at all possible I would like a copy of that excel file - would help us in our research I feel?
    Home Page
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    Would Henry "Hank" Przelomski be on the memorial. He was Missing in Action Jan/Feb 1943.
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    I am looking for any information at all on a pilot called John Dobbin Young who I belive was an old teacher of mine but who I believe flew at the Battle of Britian in Hurricanes not sure of the squadron as there were a few j youngs and I never new if he had other names but I do believe his nickname was Dobbin. Please could you point me in some direction to find anything a photo would be brilliant as I would love to take it to the next reunion he was very popular with us all. A good man and brill teacher. I believe he died a couple of years ago.


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