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    Good Evening,

    Hopefully I have put this in the right sub-forum. I wish to apply for Great Uncles service records, well my Mum will be as the nearest living relative, and the only info I have is from a newspaper cutting from 1946 which states

    "Jim at Duddo served in the last war with the R.A.F. and later the Fleet Air Arm"

    He was born John James Benton in 1924 but for some reason most of the men on my Mothers side of the family including her Father and Grandfather used their middle names instead of their first, so was known as Jim. He married in his late 50s, had no children and both him and his wife passed away a few years ago.

    Would his service records be held by the RAF or the FAA (RN)? I have no idea what he done during the war, but he was a structure/bridge inspector for the council in his later life.

    Breaking News! As I've been typing this my mum has been speaking to family on my Great Uncles Widows side of the family and they have a couple of items (well a couple of poor photographs of some documents) which may shed some light. There is nothing else except the following info below.

    I can see his service number was 1593886 and he served at the following establishments

    St. Johns Wood
    Wheaton Aston
    Wheaton Aston

    Royal Arthur

    I guess that proves the newspaper article, but I wonder if he was permanently transferred to the FAA and so the RN would now hold his records or would he have been only temp posted and his records remain with the RAF?

    Thanks for any advice

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    The number is an RAF one, issued at Weston-super-Mare in the Fall of 1941.

    That you do not have an RN number for him appears to indicate he was seconded to the FAA.


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    Thank you very much Dave.

    I'm not even sure what the document is. As mentioned in my first post someone has taken a picture of part of a document and sent it to my Mum who unable to forward it has took a picture of it and messaged me it! I may yet be sent the original document so it may shed further info. However at least it's something to help me on my way.



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