RAF Squadron ORBs digitised by TNA

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    Hi Lee
    Yes, had I known and taken my laptop with me.... oh well worse things will happen but a bit frustrated. Maybe next time.

    I am trying to trace an individual (Sgt LC Martin 910247) who was with them in Sept/October 1942 so thought I would see if he got a mention in any of the crews.
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    See below
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    There is a new digital preview option available for RAF ORB's in AIR27 in the UK National Archives Discovery Database

    (AIR27 is operational Squadrons, not OTU's, not training units, not Groups, Wings stations etc, just Squadrons)

    I put together a little guide from my experience of using them.


    They have a text water mark still but I've provided a few examples of what you might find.
    Dennis Burke
    Foreign Aircraft in Ireland 1939-1945
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