RAF VIP transport to the Yalta Conference

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    Discovered this account of a RAF navigator of the Yalta Conference from John Mitchell’s diary of his VIP flying days with the then Prime Minister Winston Churchill during January and February 1945. It is only one episode and I have not looked for more.

    He refers to:
    Link: Apr 2016 – The 24 Sqn RAF Association BLog Book

    I have actually been to the now Russian Naval Aviation base at Sarabuz; at the time it was a facility in Ukrainian Crimea and is now under full Russian control. Plus the Livadia Palace at Yalta, the conference venue. That is another story though!

    The article is very interesting on the logistics involved, with several personalities appearing briefly and refers to one VIP transport crashing near Lampedusa, en route to a stop at Malta on the outward journey having run out of fuel.
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