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Discussion in 'Special Forces' started by Bloodtub, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. Bloodtub

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    Was members of the RAMC attached to the Special Forces (SAS)during WW2, I know that they where attached to Parachute & Commando units as one RAMC NCO was awarded the VC in Holland during 1944.
  2. No.9

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    The Medical Corps provided volunteers for Special Service the same as Chaplains Department. Whether or not these men took part in an operation depended on the objective, duration and number of men assigned. The Commandos were Special Forces BTW. The SAS, who mostly comprised Commandos from units disbanded during the war, were just one aspect.

  3. nug

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    My dad was in the RAMC and ive just recieved his army records one entry states that he was posted from no 11 Special Air Service BN

    Im trying to understand what all the infomation means ?
  4. Jedburgh22

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    Some of the Commando Units were named SS Battalions the SS standing for Special Service - I believe that 11 Commando was renamed at one stage to 11 Special Air Service Bn as a way of avoiding links to the German SS and as a deception measure
  5. horsapassenger

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    11 SAS was originally known as No 2 Commando and later became No 1 Parachute Battalion

  6. Kellard

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    Members of my old Corps, The RAMC, and RN Medical Service served in various SF units including the SAS and SBS and also the Commando's. There were RN medical staff attached to Detachment 385 and Force Viper in the Far East.

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