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  1. I don't know which forum or thread to post this question, so am attempting to create a new one, albeit limited. I need to know if RASC trucks at Dunkirk had odometers. I wrote that they did, but an editor questioned it. I've read a short history of odometers, and they were certainly around by WW2, but did RASC trucks have them? Does anyone know? My Google search hasn't turned up anything useful, but my bet is that one of you will know!


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    Do you mean a re-settable 'trip' or just the normal mileometer ? It was a requirement (perhaps not when actually in action) to record all mileage and fuel useage.

    Do you have a specific lorry in mind ? Many RASC vehicles in 1940 were civilian 'impressed' vehicles and they could have had any variety of instruments.

    In the case of 1939 WD motorcycles (which I know best), they were fitted with an '80 MPH, non-illuminated, non-trip' speedometer.
  3. I KNEW someone here would know! Thank you. This chapter of the book I'm working on right now is about the BEF in France. The commanding officer's war diary tells me that the some of the lorries shipped over in January with the troops broke down even though they had fewer than 10,000 miles on them. When I wrote that up, I used the word odometer, but my editor questioned whether or not the trucks had odometers. So now I know - chances are yes. I greatly appreciate your help!
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    odometer in 1939 morriscs8 [ photo from web] 2nd photo from my collection, you can see the odometer in the burnet out morris 1940 BEF.
    [​IMG] morris burnt out 1940.jpg

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