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    I have 5 Recce men missing in the Netherlands (Airborne not included)

    2 of them where killed and are probably still buried at Fort Andries (Hadwin and Stopher)

    Lt E.W.Goodrich (15 Recce) is missing since 9-10-1944 in the Deurne area believed to been wounded and taken POW and DOW, have not been able to trace an unknown to him.

    Trooper R. Wallace 52 Recce I presume he was killed with lt D.S. Murray? it only says Driver in the WD posted by Recce Mitch, does anyone has the name as it is not visible.

    Is there anything in the books about what happened to Corporal R.G. Whitehouse missing since 10-10-1944, as there is no WD from that period.

    There are 2 unknown RAC graves at Uden, but one of them is incorrect, and is not an RAC member, the other 2.F.1 as buried at Sint Michelsgestel.

    Any info abour Goodrich, Wallace and Whitehouse would be welcome.

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    From casualty lists:

    300881 GOODRICH Lt. EW
    Recce Corps, wounded 15.8.44, remaining on duty
    15 Regt Recce Corps, missing 10.10.44
    Previously reported missing 10.10.44 now presumed KIA 9.10.44
    Lieutenant Edwin William Goodrich | War Casualty Details | CWGC

    Also Recommendation for Award for Goodrich, Edwin William Rank: Lieutenant ... | The National Archives

    10602030 WALLACE Tpr R 52 Recce Corps KIA 27.9.44
    Trooper Ronald Wallace | War Casualty Details | CWGC

    5050415 WHITEHOUSE W/Cpl RG 61 Recce Corps
    Missing believed POW 10.10.44
    Previously reported missing believed POW now reported KIA
    Corporal Roy George Whitehouse | War Casualty Details | CWGC

    299060 MURRAY W/Lt DS
    KIA 27.9.44
    Lieutenant Donald Stewart Murray | War Casualty Details | CWGC
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    Ronald Wallace

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