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    I have recently discovered some letters written by my mother to my father in 1945. They are addressed to him at 16th Base Workshop CMF. The REME website does not list a 16th Base Workshop and I wonder if anyone can throw any light on where this was and what went on there. I am new to these forum so I apologise if I am in the wrong thread.
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    Hello and welcome to the forum

    Using Lee's War Diary Search Engine the following files are held at The National Archives Kew:

    WO 170/6455 Base Workshops: 16 Workshop 1945 Jan.- June
    WO 170/6456 Base Workshops: 16 Workshop 1945 July- Dec.

    [WO 170 series is for the Italian Theatre. So, that would match up with not only your date but also CMF = Central Mediterranean Force

    To illustrate how War Diaries can help:WW2 Commonwealth Army War Diaries, Info Thread ]

    However, before looking at those files it'd be best to get an idea of your father's full service and confirmation of units with which he saw service.
    Apply for copy of his service records, see link to MOD website:
    Request records of deceased service personnel

    Good luck with your research.
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    Thanks so much for the speedy reply and very helpful information. Lots to follow up.
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    16 BW at Constantine and Bone (Annaba) in Algeria, then Rolling Mills, Naples.
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    I spent an interesting morning at the National Archives at Kew reviewing the above war diaries. These provided some useful background into what the base was doing and the challenges they faced.
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