Remembering Today 15/5/40 Private: Francis James-Hyde,5338382, Royal Berkshire Regiment 1st

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    From the battalion war diary
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    The CWGC concentration records show that he was moved to Leopldsburg from Gastuche Temporary Burial Ground.

    I find it a shame that it was apparently decided not to retain a single concentration cemetery on the Dyle Line. Burials have been moved all over but mainly to Leopldsburg in the North East, where the BEF didn't fight.

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    15th May 1940 was the day Richard Annand won the VC at the Dyle same division . Interesting to see the Berks entry stating some of the DLI positions were overrun and they covered the DLI withdrawal ? The DLI had some blockhouses cut off and overrun but as for the withdrawal it was a shambles with at least one of the DLI companies not receiving the order. The DLI dead along with 3 RBR and 2 RWF had their burials paid for at Gastuche by the Count Laurensart.

    A little comment from The Wardrobe (interesting again that they claimed their diary did not cover the Dunkirk period yet Andy found it?
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    Kyle...Feel free to tell them I'll happily sell them a copy :lol:
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    I must get Leopldsburg this year. There's lots of BEF graves in there.

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