Remembering Today-20/4/43 Private VICTOR WALTER CAMMELL 532276, 21st Bn., New Zealand Infantry

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    532276, 21st Bn., New Zealand Infantry
    who died age 32
    on 20 April 1943
    Son of Walter James Cammell and Amanda Melvina Cammell, of Auckland City, New Zealand; husband of Rita Helen Cammell, of New Lynn, Auckland.
    Remembered with honour
    CWGC :: Cemetery Details
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    The following orders were issued on 20 April for the attack by 21 Battalion on Takrouna:



    1. Enemy: Force of Germans and Italians holding Takrouna.

    2. Own troops: 28 NZ Bn on right and 4 Ind Div on left.


    3. 21 NZ Bn with attached arms will attack western slope of Takrouna feature and advance across Enfidaville Zaghouan road and form gun line facing approx NW.

    Method: The operation will be in two phases.

    The battalion moved from its positions along Wadi el Boul to the start line about half a mile forward, and was deployed in battle order an hour before midnight on 19-20 April. The sky was cloudy and there was a waning moon. The barrage was to start on a line a mile further forward, and the troops were to follow it for the remaining mile to the Enfidaville-Zaghouan road.

    The company dispositions were: C Company (Major Laird) on the right, with 13 Platoon (Lieutenant Ashley) right, 15 Platoon (Lieutenant Shaw) left, and 14 Platoon (Lieutenant Hirst) in reserve; A Company (Captain Bullock-Douglas) in the centre, with 8 Platoon (Lieutenant Chalmers) right, 7 Platoon (Sergeant Howell) left, and 9 Platoon (Second-Lieutenant Upton) in reserve; B Company (Captain Roach) on the left, with 12 Platoon (Lieutenant Donaldson) right, 11 Platoon (Lieutenant Taylor) left, and 10 Platoon in reserve; D Company (Captain Murray) in battalion reserve, less one platoon (Second-Lieutenant Bullock) on Point 121.

    The ground was uneven, rising and falling sharply and studded with cactus shrubs and patches of prickly thorn. Where the ground was level there were patches of knee-high barley, but in spite of these obstacles to movement by night the forward companies were on the artillery opening line by 11.30 p.m. The barrage moved forward and the troops followed.
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    :poppy: Pvt Victor W Cammell. RIP. :poppy:
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