Remembering Today 25/2/44 AB:A.T.Mawdsley,D/MD/X2775,H.M.S. Mahratta. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

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    Service Number D/MD/X 2775

    Died 25/02/1944

    H.M.S. Mahratta.
    Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

    Son of Mrs. E. M. Mawdsley, of Waterloo, Lancashire.

    Location: Devon, United Kingdom
    Number of casualties: 23228

    Cemetery/memorial reference: Panel 93, Column 1.
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    UK, British Army and Navy Birth, Marriage and Death Records, 1730-1960
    Name: Arthur Thomas Mawdsley
    Event: Death
    Birth Date: 24 Oct 1919
    Birth Place: Liverpool, Lancs
    Death Date: 25 Feb 1944
    Death Age: 24

    Hope Hugh McLean spots this - his service number is of a type I have not seen before
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    Able Seaman Mawdsley survived the sinking of H.M.S. Gurkha in 1940.
    Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 12.30.19.png
    Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 12.30.37.png
    Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 12.31.01.png
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    His Official No. is one allocated to RNVR. D is for Devonport. The MD should indicate his branch but I'm not sure.
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    I have been researching RNVR fatalities in Dundee whose names are recorded on the WW2 War Memorial onboards Unicorn berthed in the city and can throw some light on the Service Number.

    The D stands for Devonport, which was his Port Division and where he would go after leaving a ship and waiting for next draft.
    The MD stands for the pre war Mersey Division of the RNVR meaning he volunteered before Sep 1939. The others were B Bristol, C Clyde, ESD East of Scotland, L London, S Sussex and T Tyneside, W Wales and I think U Ulster. After the outbreak of war no further ratings were enrolled in the RNVR but thousands of wartime Naval Officers were commissioned as RNVR and not RN or RNR.
    The X indicates that he was on Pay Scale introduced for all Naval Ratings joining after 1930 (or about this period).
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