Remembering Today, 9 February 1943. The crew and passengers of Liberator II AL591.

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    9 February 1943

    Liberator II AL591
    Return Ferry Service.

    Ran out of fuel and crash-landed in a blizzard with sever icing conditions 10 miles north east of Gander, killing nineteen of 21 on board.

    Crew and passengers.

    F A. Dugan . American civilian. Pilot +
    Sgt. J R. Elding. RAF. Pilot +
    G P M. Eves. British civilian. Pilot +
    T R. Harmes. British civilian. Pilot +
    Sgt. H L B. Lewis. RAF. Pilot +
    R M. Lloyd. American civilian. Pilot +
    Sgt. D J. Owen. RAF. Pilot +
    Sgt. G P. Pollard. RAF. Pilot. (Died in hospital)
    J. Stagner. American civilian. Pilot +
    Sgt. W H. Kyle. RCAF. Navigator +
    P/O. R I. Scott. RCAF. Navigator +
    F J. Brown. British civilian. Radio Officer +
    J D. Jones. British civilian. Radio Officer +
    F. Scrafton. Canadian civilian. Radio Officer +
    R. Wadsworth. British civilian. Radio Officer +
    E G. Longley. Canadian civilian. Flight Engineer +
    J B. Merriman, British civilian. Flight Engineer +
    I W. Wilmot. Canadian civilian. Flight Engineer +
    Lt-Col. L T, Grove. British Army. Passenger +

    Survivors Captain R.E. Parker Jr and P/O G.N. Abelson.

    Movement history of Liberator II AL591

    Construction Number. 89
    Operated by the Ferry Command Communications Squadron 20 December 1941- 2 April 1942
    Took on Charge Dorval 3 April 1942
    To BOAC for the Return Ferry Service.
    First Return Ferry Service eastbound to Prestwick 25 July 1942, onward to Cairo on 30 July 1942 returning 6 August 1942.
    First Return Ferry service westbound Prestwick – Gander 12 August 1942.
    Crash-landed Gander 9 February 1943.

    Rear fuselage of AL591, Gander.

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  2. Buteman

    Buteman 336/102 LAA Regiment (7 Lincolns), RA

    Sgt W.H. Kyle, RCAF

    (Headstone Photo from the Vets Affairs of Canada website)

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  3. Buteman

    Buteman 336/102 LAA Regiment (7 Lincolns), RA

    Flying Officer R.I. Scott, RCAF.

    (Headstone Photo from the Vets Affairs of Canada website)

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  4. Buteman

    Buteman 336/102 LAA Regiment (7 Lincolns), RA

    Flight Engineer E.G. Longley.

    (Headstone Photo from the Vets Affairs of Canada website)

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    Name Correction:

    Please note the correction of the Following names on the list above:

    T. R. Harmes - Actual name is Thomas Redford Harms

    I. W. Wilmot - Actual name is Wilmot Ivan Wilson

    Record below (Commonwealth War Graves Commission Record)
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    An update on this thread

    Fortune Anthony Dugan was accepted to be commemorated by the CWGC today.

    Jack Stagner has an entry as Civilian War Dead. He has now been submitted as a non commemorated member of RAF Ferry Command. It is known that he is buried in Dallas, Texas.
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    Thank you correcting Thomas' name.
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    News article on Winnipeggers Longley and Kyle.

    longley kyle.png
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    From the Montreal Gazette, 13 February 1943.

    The two survivors were Captain KE Parker of Montreal, via San Francisco, California and P/O CM Abelson, RAF of Edgeware, Middlesex, UK.

    Full crew and passenger list with home addresses in the attached pdfs.




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    Thank you so much for that, I have never seen an image of my uncle, Captain T.R. Harms when he was with Ferry Command.
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