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    Found the error in my stats. I'd put 330 in the denominator, but the total pool of casualties should be around 1800, for each of the days of the same day/month (about 5.5 years of war) . That gives the answer 3.02 - so almost spot on!
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    thanks Geoff
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  4. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

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    Looking at the CWGC archive documents, the burial reference for Bristol (Ridgeway Park) cemetery is Section A Grave 3050

    From the The Bristol & Avon Family History Society website :

    "Ridgeway Park Cemetery: at Fishponds was set up by a private company in 1888. This company was wound up in 1949 and the corporation was obliged to take it over in 1954 due to its deterioration; from that time burials only took place in existing graves. Unfortunately, we have not been able to find a plan of the areas in this cemetery."

    Hence the move to Greenbank on a Special Memorial (which is described as a Kipling memorial in the CWGC final grave registration report)
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    We've decided to wind up the Remembering Today page from the end of 2018.
    Geoff tells us he's pretty cool with this.
    Number of reasons:
    • Apparently it's becoming increasingly hard to scrape the required data from the CWGC. Not insurmountably so, but rather more awkward than it was.
    • It's a manual system, and almost every month Clive has to remind me to update the data. Sometimes days get missed.
    • I've become a bit concerned with all the pages of unreplied threads it generates. Some do take off, but the majority don't, and it's starting to feel a bit like giving false hope to passing Googlers. Looking at the area reminds me uncomfortably of a certain iffy site that claims a lot of service data it simply doesn't have.
    • This place is not short of remembrance. Threads created every day pay tribute to someone or other. Would possibly rather we stuck with that more directed sort of thing.
    So, apologies if you think it's a shame.
    No malice intended, but it's being removed on the year's turn.

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    You're the Boss, so no problem from Cockfosters !

    Just one query........

    Are you just closing the thread for future entries or simply deleting all the previous contents ?

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    Are you going to leave a thread where members can go and remember their family that paid the ultimate price?
  9. von Poop

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    All threads etc. can stay.
    I'm just going to shut down the actual page:
    Remembering Today

    (Which is snowing the wrong date, :unsure: and I will fix when at a computer as my phone won't let me into admin.)
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    In the light of the 'false hope' concern, wouldn't it make more sense to delete the empty threads?
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    Snowing ? Did someone say that it's snowing ?
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    A further thought ?

    You must be well aware of what an utterly un-disciplined mob we are and one of our failings has always been that of starting a new thread title every time we failed to put enough research into our search for an already established web title.

    For example:
    It happened on this day.....
    Discussion in 'Veteran Accounts.' started by Ron Goldstein, Oct 1, 2017.

    Bloody Hell !!!!

    Can it really be 75 years since I was first called up ?

    The 1st of October 1942 saw me being called up at Bury St.Edmunds

    Read all about it here: BBC - WW2 People's War - Early Army Days, October 1942

    (still around to plague you at 94 !)

    Tell me dear friend,Is this thread also due for the chop ?
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  13. von Poop

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    No, mate. Wouldn't dream of cutting any of your stuff out.
    It really is only the page that shows a random WW2 casualty that is for the chop.
    Might trim out zero reply threads generated from those random chaps at a later date, but not sure yet.
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    Just to throw a spanner in the works.
    What's to stop people posting in the Barracks * Remembering so & so today* ? new members for example.

  15. von Poop

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    Nothing at all, but at least we wouldn't be overtly encouraging it, or intermittently screwing up the maintenance of it. :unsure:
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