Remembering Today-Jemadar BAHADUR GURUNG 43411/IO, 2nd Bn., 8th Gurkha Rifles

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    43411/IO, 2nd Bn., 8th Gurkha Rifles
    who died age 29
    on 17 December 1944
    Son of Gore Gurung and Jaisari, of Jhirbas, Nayarising, No. 3 West, Nepal; husband of Bisanmati, of Jhirbas.
    Remembered with honour
    CWGC :: Cemetery Details
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    On December 15th, 43rd Gurkha Lorried Brigade passed under command of Second New Zealand Division, and under the description of Faenza Task Force, began to clear the Germans from that important centre. For the first time the Gurkhas were schooled in the peculiar technique of street fighting. The area was mine-infested and the Luftwaffe active. 2/10 Gurkhas entered the town from the east and encountered comparatively little opposition until the railway along Route 9 was reached. Thereafter resistance, stiffened. 2/8 Gurkhas came forward to reinforce the attack. A German counter-attack with panzers in the van forced the hillmen back to the canal which parallels the Lamone. Here the adversaries glared at each other for twenty-four hours, while the sappers devised a crossing which would bear tanks. At 2100 hours Faenza Task Force moved to the assault with the Gurkha Brigade on the left of the Kiwis. Once again in the face of a set-piece attack the enemy had compounded with necessity and had cleared out. Little resistance was encountered except from road blocks and minefields. Faenza was liberated. The Germans fell back to prepared positions on the line of the Senio.

    The Tiger Triumphs. The Story of Three Great Divisions in Italy. 1946. Chapters 17-19.

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