Requesting info regarding 51 Royal Tank Regiment, Tunisia

Discussion in 'WW2 Battlefields Today' started by almouelhi, Apr 15, 2024.

  1. almouelhi

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    Original title: battlefields bou arada Laroussa for James Laroussa Bou Arada Tunisia

    hi everyone,
    look for documents and maps of 51 royal tank regiment in Tunisia ww2.
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    If you use the tag for 51 RTR it will show several relevant threads. Not everyone uses the tag system when they create a new thread. If you search online with "51 Royal tank Regiment" there are more than the tagged ones. You change the text within "..." to 51st or RTR to check if other threads exist.

    I expect there will be may threads with Tunisia in. I know the war was there, but am not an expert.

    Quickly looked to find Bou Arada was a battle, so who is James Laroussa? That name does not appear to a dead British / Commonwealth soldier. The Web has a number of hits on water & irrigation - only a quick look - for Laroussa Bou Arada.
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  4. Chris C

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    Laroussa = El Arrousa, possibly?
  5. almouelhi

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    that's right
  6. almouelhi

    almouelhi New Member

    I meant El Aroussa
  7. Uncle Target

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  8. almouelhi

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    thanks a lot. what I need is more details and maps where 51st TRT acted.

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