Rider Identification from Census Number C341012

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    Hi, I have been told from the Great War Forum that this is not a WW1 bike, but later. I am trying to identify the soldier and wondered if it could be done from the Bike's number C341012 which I am told is not the Regimental Number (prob West Yorks) but the bikes census number (whatever that is). So can I identify the rider from that? They mentioned the 34 might be the year 1934? I am no expert, and any help would be appreciated. It is from an East Yorkshire set of photos. Thanks. Andy
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    It's a BSA E15 War Office V-twin. At this stage of the 1930s, the first two digits of the War Office serial (or census) number usually indicated the date of the contract or first use. In this case, delivery was from January 1935.

    Unfortunately, there are no surviving records of where pre-war (or even WW2) vehicles were issued or used. They were allocated as needed by the central Ordnance Depot at Chilwell and the records were destroyed when the post-WW2 registration system was introduced in 1948.

    C341013 (BMM 642) took part in an MEE comparison test and was frame number E15/251
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    Thank you very much Rich.
    Your expertise is very much appreciated.



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