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    I posted a while ago about my wife's grandfather Driver Rowland Thompson Marshall and in the process got a massive amount of information courtesy of the kind members of WW2Talk - especially Mel Junior and Senior and Steve Mac.

    All this has delighted Rowland's daughter Kathleen and her family.

    I have finally got hold of the MOD records for Rowland which hold few mysteries after the deluge of information I found here.

    Here is the main sheet that summarises his service in the Royal Corps of Signals, 50th (Northumbrian) Division up to his being killed in action in late June 1942.

    Rest in Peace Rowland. Thank you for choosing to defend our freedom and in the process giving up your own life.


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    Hello Tim,

    He signed up for 4 years TA service and had there not been a war going on, he could have walked away from it all 80 days before he was killed in action. So sad for Kathleen.

    That said, the same sort of story is to be found time and time again. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things, essentially doing what they thought was right. And they were right.



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