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  1. Part 4

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  2. Part 5 final part, if you have any questions regarding my grandfather, please do not hesitate to contact me.


    David Robinson

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    Good work.. covers his time with 1 LIR well.
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    Hi, does anyone know anything about how exactly Lieutenant Samuel Raymond Evelynn Richard Burbidge (304907) of the Royal Sussex Regiment attd. to 1st Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles C Company perished on 31/03/1945 for example war diary? And what was his function in C Company? Many thanks in advance.
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    All I could find....

    1 RUR War Diary Entries

    30th Mar 1945
    Advance 6th Airbourne Division is ordered to continue from start line NE of Coesfeld. Delays occasioned by demolitions en route in area of town, which was overcome by by-passing town during day. Billerbeck 6975 taken at 1500 hrs. Tac HQ moved on axis of advance and Main 6th Airbourne Division HQ moved to join at cross roads 7779 at 2100 hrs. 3rd Para Brigade occupied area Greven 9188 but main bridges blown. Inns Of Court Regiment reverted to Command of 11th Armoured Division less one squadron.

    31st Mar 1945
    Advance Advance by 6th Airbourne Division to line of Dortmund - Ems Canal in area 9789. Tac HQ moved to farm at 866864 at 1000 hrs. Main 6th Airbourne Division HQ moved to join Tac HQ at 1700 hrs.

    1st Apr 1945
    Bridgehead 6th Airbourne Division HQ reports "Bridging ops for cl 40 bridge over Dortmund - Ems Canal carried out during day at Schmiedehausen 978823. Main (with Tac HQ) 6th Airbourne Division HQ moved to road junction 940887 at 1115 hrs. Units of 6 Airlanding Brigade established bridgehead over Canal during night 31st of March - 1st of April."

    Casualty List Details

    First Name: S R E R
    Surname: Burbidge
    Date of Action: 31/03/1945
    Fate: Died of Wounds
    Incident Date: 12/04/1945
    Information: Casualty List No. 1729.
    Rank: W/Lieutenant
    Service Number: 304907
    Royal Sussex Regiment
    Archive Reference: WO417/008

    First Name: Samuel Raymond Evelynn Richard
    Initials: S R E R
    Surname: Burbidge
    Birth County: Sussex.
    Nationality: British
    Resided County: Sussex.
    Date of Death: 31/03/1945
    Rank: Lieutenant
    Service Number: 304907
    Service: British Army
    Regiment: Royal Sussex Regiment attached to 1st (Airborne) Battalion
    Archive Reference: WO 304/12

    Quis Separabit
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    Quis Separabit many thanks for that.

    Does no one else have further information on this?

    Best regards

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    Reference to casualties in C Company casualties around the same sort of time...

    You might also want to try some of the 1 RUR research items included within attached Download Links document...

    Otherwise you probably need a copy of the War Diary for the period (though no guarantee will mention anything).

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