Sangro River Cemetery, Remembrance day 2013

Discussion in 'All Anniversaries' started by lambretta, Oct 27, 2013.

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    Thanks very much bexley84. This one is really fine.
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    as you so rightly write (posting #9) - he 8th Indian Div were involved in crossing the Gari in May '44….they were in fact the left flank protection for the Cdn 1st Div all through the Liri Valley until we fell off at Agnani and handed over to the 6th Sth African Div as they went off to the Trasemino area…8th Indian than joined 4th Indian on the Adriatic for a good rest - they joined us once more after Rimini

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    Hope you had a good trip and that the Remembrance Service and that your visit to your grandfather's final resting place went smoothly,

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    It certainly did thank you. There was a good turnout and weather was stunning.

    Best regards
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    Brilliant - good to hear.


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