Seaforth Highlanders and 51st Highland Division

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    Thanks Tom.

    Toni-just for your information- MEF which Tom has mentioned is MIDDLE EAST FORCE

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    I am going to try and contact Poppa's sister in Scotland.
    Mum was telling me this morning that her memory is pretty sharp so hopefully she can shed some light on a few things.

    I will continue reading up about certain dates listed in the files that I have and find out more about exactly what areas he was in according to his Medals he received.

    I want to say a very big thanks to all of you.
    Even though I have not found any definitive answers I have made some progress as to where and what my Poppa was during the war.

    If you think of anything else (or happen to know someone who was in the Seaforths during that period) please let me know :)
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    6th Seaforths arrived in Egypt January 43 from Iran/Iraq, would he have been entitled to 8th army clasp? They were among the assault troops for Sicily.
    As Tom has pointed out there are many variables.!!!
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    I could probably drop this on a number of threads, but I thought somebody might find this article by Maj-Gen Wimberley in 1943 of interest. It's propaganda-ry, of course, but quite long and from the horse's mouth (click image and use magnifying glass icon to enlarge):

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    51st HD, including 2nd and 5th Seaforth, remained on Sicily until sailing for UK, November 1943.

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