Seeking RAF Hullavington info and some stories my Grandfather told me

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    Evening all,

    Sadly there does not seem to be much info out on the web about RAF Hullavington, and the NA records that may hold info are yet to be digitised. I am after any information that members here may have or know of.

    Also, my grandfather (LAC mechanic 39 - 43 before going to Castle Bromwich) told me some stories when I was a kid and I can only remember a few - and I was hoping for some clarification/further info if possible.

    He very luckily escaped the bombing that took place on 14 August 1940 that killed a number of his friends. As the airfield was attacked, he ran and vaulted over the perimeter fence (he said he had no clue how he managed to jump it). His cap fell off and was found near one of the bomb craters. All of his colleagues thought he had been killed. The guard on the front gate apparently went as white as a sheet when he turned up at the main entrance a few hours later having had walked all the way round the airfield boundary to get back in.

    He mentioned that that a Lysander would go "hedgehopping" in the local area, which he sometimes went along for. The Lysander would fly low over around the perimeter of the airfield to practice looking for people spying on the base or planning an attack.

    He told me one night a large 4 engine bomber came into land, ran out of runway and went into the adjacent lane where it stopped. The lane was closed by the police and unknown aircraft had to be covered in tarp. I seem to remember him saying that it was a prototype of the Lancaster, but i'm not certain.

    He also mentioned one night where he and a colleague were working late while night flying was taking place. A Canadian Pilot crashed on the airfield and flipped his aircraft. The aircraft soon caught fire with the pilot trapped inside. They both rushed over and managed to pull the pilot to safety.

    As I say, this was some 20 years ago that he told me these stories. But any validation, further information would be greatly received! Sadly as a 12 year old boy I didn't think to ask more questions at the time.

    I've attached a couple of photos just to add a face to the stories.

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    Hullavington was indeed bombed on 14th Aug 40, with 4 killed and 7 injured.

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