Sergeant (2nd Pilot). McLEOD STANLEY

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    Many thanks everyone for the Scottish family search assistance. I'll ponder this. I cannot seem to find him in any trees on ancestry or genesreunited. As you point out amberdog, finding siblings might be hard depending on his mothers maiden name, freebmd is useful here for England & Wales as you can search by Surname AND Mothers maiden name.

    I did find what looked like his wedding, i , and revealing his wifes maiden (or previous) name as Booker

    Marriages Dec 1949
    Booker Jeanne M McLeod Hendon
    McLeod Douglas C Booker Hendon
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    I thought that was his marriage also. Couldn't find any in the Scottish records.

    Has he been found on the 1939 ID register in England? You should be able to get his date of birth if he's living in England at this point.

    Scottish 1921 Census will not be online until 2022.

    There's an Alison McLeod born in the 60's on GRO site, mothers name Booker. But just feels too long after the marriage. But, not impossible I suppose.

    If you weren't in too much of a hurry, I'd wait and purchase 30 credits next year. You'll be able to open his birth and parents marriage details. Leaving you enough credits to open three more records, hopefully his siblings births. Let's hope his grandparent's name may have influenced the forenames they were given.
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    I couldn't find him on the 1939 Register (I suspect his record is 'officially closed'). However, here's his wife/widow:

    6 Princes Road, Clacton, Essex
    Richard Anthony 14 May 1874 Retired
    Daisy E Anthony 20 Apr 1876 Wife
    Gladys E Booker 24 Sep 1900 Wife [married]
    Jeanne (M) Dron (Mcleod, Booker) 28 May 1924 School Girl
    Sorry, this record is officially closed.

    I checked the original image and it's definitely DRON.
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    I think we've struck lucky.

    IF this is his sister:

    MCLEOD, ANN CARMICHAEL, 1915, Partick


    Then we've got a mother's maiden name (Bochel), and therefore:



    and a 1911 Census entry:

    MCLEOD, FARQUHAR, 30, 646/3 52/ 11, Partick, Lanark
    MCLEOD, ISABELLA, 28, 646/3 52/ 11, Partick, Lanark

    plus an Ancestry family tree:

    Farquhar Mcleod
    BIRTH 3 OCT 1879 • Kinning Park, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
    DEATH 23 APR 1956 • 23 White Street, Glasgow, Scotland

    Isabella Main Bochel
    BIRTH 1883 • Nairn, Nairnshire, Scotland
    DEATH 1 JAN 1967 • Glasgow, Lanarkshire

    Unfortunately, it only lists one child, A. Mcleod, born 1911. However, using the McLeod/Bochel combination gives us another daughter:

    MCLEOD, ELIZABETH, 78, BOCHEL, 1989, Glasgow, Martha St

    and Farquhar's death certificate gives us the name and address of another son:

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    I'm overwhelmed with your help here guys, this is fantastic.I'm struggling a bit to keep up though.

    harkness - DRON, is it saying that is the Girls surname? or is that an abbreviation for something . She seems to collect odd surnames, her possible remarriage to Peter W DVON draws a complete blank

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    Jives -

    England & Wales, Civil Registration Marriage Index, 1916-2005
    Name: Jeanne M McLeod
    Date of Registration: Oct-Nov-Dec 1969
    Registration district: Chelmsford
    Inferred County: Essex
    Spouse: Peter W Dvon
    Volume Number: 4a
    Page Number: 1119

    from a previous post - as mentioned it would be worth obtaining an original copy to see if the name Dvon is just that or maybe someone has transcribed it incorrectly from the certificate onto the register or from the register onto the online database - i.e go back to start and check - I have yet to find the birth or any other details of a Peter W Dvon, unless he was born outside of the UK

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    I'd suggest the name is DRON, mistranscribed as DVON.
    (8 Dron's in CWGC database) and may have Scottish roots.
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    Many thanks again, this is brilliant insight - wait till we get to GIBBS on the same plane , he was born in Kenya :) ,

    I'll pursue the person on ancestry who has the entries for Farquhar Mcleod, his username also seems to be Mcleod which suggests he might be interested

    Getting back to Jeanne McLeod this is a bit strange. I think Kevinbattle is right that the name that makes the most sense is DRON, and I can find a Peter W Dron in freebmd born

    Births Jun 1918
    Dron Peter W Tanco[co]k Hendon

    If I assume that Jeanne remarried Peter W Dron in 1969

    I can see a Jeanne M Dron in in the electoral register til 2016 and living in Kington, Herereford which could be her ? Looking in ancestry I also see

    England & Wales, Civil Registration Death Index, 1916-2007BIRTH, MARRIAGE & DEATH, INCLUDING PARISH
    NAME: Peter William Dron
    BIRTH: 2 Jun 1918
    DEATH: Dec 1994 - Kington, Hereford and Worcester, England and Wales

    So what does that 1939 Register mean. If her surname is Booker, how come the surnames of both her subsequent Husbands are included alongside her name ?
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    A search of the Glasgow Electoral Registers throws up some interesting results.

    White Street, 1940:
    (There's daughter Elizabeth).

    White Street, 1945:
    (Finally - the son's name!).

    73 White Street, 1948:
    (Another Farquhar appears).

    Dumbarton Road, 1960:
    (Possibly the son, though the address doesn't match that on the Death Cert exactly).

    I think this could be him:

    MCLEOD, ALEXANDER, 1916, Partick

    MCLEOD, ALEXANDER, 55, 1972, Glasgow, Martha St
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    The Register was regularly updated - I've seen name changes, due to re-marriages, that took place as late 1970.
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    The 1939 Register was used by the NHS post-war (and is the source of the original NHS number that everyone was given), so they updated it with info on subsequent marriages etc.
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    Thank you Harkness & Blutto, this all makes sense, and my Hereford lady looks to be likely. The absence of a 2017 Electoral Register entry is ominous though. I've messaged one of the Ancestry McLeod users, who states his a professional researchers, so I'm hopeful he'll respond, not that many do :(

    Sadly my suspicion was confirmed

    Jeanne Margaret Dron
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    Have ordered a copy of her will which should provide next of kin info
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    Damn. Time waits for no-one. Let's hope the will helps (presumably Funeral Directors wouldn't divulge NOK info?).
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    thanks harkness, I could try the Funeral directors, but it doesn't quite seem right to me, and I assume they have rules, so , given that I have another legal route (probate/will - all public documents) I think I'll wait. Should take up to 10 days, I recall doing this before and it was very quick
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    A bit of an update. I got the probate & Will documents and am contacting the executors, one of whom was step daughter of Jeanne Margret Dron (formerly McLeod nee Booker). It's a bit of a long shot but some photo's might still exist . It appears also that Jeanne's brothers family are also mentioned , and they may have an interest. I'll keep you posted
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    OK so an interesting development. I have received a letter from the strep daughter of Douglas McLeod's widow.
    She does not have a photo of him BUT enclosed 15 wartime photos taken inside Stalag VIII B each with a hand written description on the back. I have created a PDF of the images and there captions, if anyone is interested please PM me, the files are large.

    I think I need to get his birth certificate to establish any siblings through mothers maiden name
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    Well, I have the birth certificate for Douglas Carmichael McLeod , born 14th December 1918, 7 Newlands Drive, Partick, Glasgow.

    However his parents are not the other Carmichael / Bochel thread

    father Archibald McLeod - Engine Fitter (journeyman)
    mother Catherine Curri (?) McLeod, previous Munro xx x Gray

    Its a little hard to make out but there appear to be duplicate entries on Scottish people, same man, date but one a marriage to GRAY, one to MUNRO. I assume the certificate refers to a previous marriage ? So perhaps Catherine was Gray (Maiden name) and had previously married a Munro ?

    I'd value opinions on this, thanks

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    Catherine Currei(?) McLeod
    Previously Munro (appears she was married previously to a Mr Munro)
    Nee Gray (Birth or maiden name)

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