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    My father served with 732 Coy Pack Transport RASC in the UK, and was shipped to Naples on 5 Jan 45. The service record entry has, alongside 'Naples' the code E/R 699 38540. Does anyone have any idea what this code may refer to? The next entry is for BTA (British Troops, Austria?), where he is shown as attached to LIAP Party 262, and then 294 Coy. There are no entries that I can find for his unit in Italy.
    Any info would be welcomed.
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    It is difficult to comment without seeing the records, have you got his full official records? May help if you post them. The army used lots of codes see here
    Draft recognition codes.

    LIAP is Leave in addition to Python.

    Was he awarded the Italy star, which was for service between 11 July 43 and 8 May 45, obviously he went through Italy.?
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    Thanks so much for the prompt reply. I received his service record last week, and am just coming to terms with the 'stuff'. I've got his Italy Star. He appears to have spent 1yr days in Italy. He had 414 days prior to deployment to Naples, then after Italy another 295 in LIAP, and finally another 88 in the UK before being demobbed. Word in the family says he was a saddler sergeant (?) possibly as he was a leather trimmer's apprentice before he was called up and had visions of being a jockey in his youth. There's also a photo of him with some Italian POWs somewhere.
    I've attached an extract from his service record if you are able to help.
    Thanks again

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