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    This is known by a number here already, but I thought I would post for the record the photographs Sgts Jim Christie and Mike Lewis took of each other paying their respects at the Memorial to the 1st Parachute Brigade in Tunisia. In the description for the photo of Lewis (NA 7679) the date given is 14 October 1943. They would have both been with No. 2 AFPU at the time. The photo of Christie comes from the book/thesis "Constant Witness" (2015) by Mike Lewis' daughter, Helen.

    CONSTANT WITNESS -Christie-Tunisia.jpg NA 7679-Mike Lewis.jpg

    On another note Guy Hudson recently sent me a still of what appears to be a cameraman at Pegasus Bridge. It's not very clear but intriguing nonetheless and a great spot by Guy.

    Cameraman at Bridge from Guy Hudson.jpg

    The still was taken from a film available for viewing online. The man appears at the end of a clip showing a passing ambulance vehicle as it crosses the bridge. The scenes of the many army vehicles passing over the bridge were captured by Sgt. Ian Grant, 5 AFPU, on June 14th, 1944 as is confirmed by the poor quality video on the IWM site.

    Could the cameraman be Jim Christie? It's hard to say with certainty but he could possibly be wearing a Para helmet. Christie took a number of photos at the bridge but I have yet to find any dated June 14th. On June 15th the pair were definitely together photographing gliders at the north end of LZ N near Ecarde.

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