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    Frances McLaren who has died in her 99th year. She was probably the last surviving person from RAF Helensburgh during WW11. She was the first woman member of the scientific section of the Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment joining it from school. She analysed, under guard, film of the Barnes Wallis Highball trials on Loch Striven. Her duties included flying. A change in the daily rota likely saved her life when the Short Scion experimental aircraft crashed. Her replacement Mr H G White was killed. Fraces was married 50 years to a colleague she met at Helensburgh. Another lifetime friend was the now late Sir James Hamilton, knighted for work on the Concorde design. At the time James was a young boffin. Bright as a button until the end Frances and I had regular chats about RAF Helensburgh/MAEE. I will miss such conversations and you, too, Frances.
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    Thank you for sharing . I'm sorry you've lost your friend, robin.
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    Thank you. Frances said she did not fear death to be with her husband again.
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