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    ....or so I'm assuming.
    Grandad wote these in the back of a small pocket diary for 1942 - they look like some of the places where he trained, between April 1940 and early 1943, before going to Noth Africa.

    Some places are familiar but does anyone know anything, or can direct me to somewhere where I can find out.

    He was 30 Field Rgt RA, Cook, - 112/117 Fld Bty.

    I know he did cooks training at Havannah Barracks Bordon.
    Arborfield Cookery Course?
    Mobile Defence? *** Somerset?
    206 Anti Aircraft Battery Okehampton
    Reg. Officers *** Aldershot?
    112/117 Field Bty , Lockerbie, Scotland
    ****** convalescant ? Wokingham?
    Beacon Hostel, Hindhead Surrey?

    Other notes in the diary see him at Carlisle a number of times.


    Paul Diary Extract_.jpg
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    Do you have his service records and war diaries yet
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    My suggestions:

    Bordon, Havannah Barracks
    Arborfield Camp, cooking course, Reading
    Mobile defence, R?, Henstridge, Somerset
    112/117 Field Battery, RA, Newbury, Berks
    206 Training Co, Oakhampton possibly Okehampton, Devon
    Aldershot, Hampshire
    112/117 Field Bty, Inveraray, Argyll
    Lockerbie, Dumfries
    Heathland Convalescent, Wokingham, Berkshire
    Beacon Hotel, Hindhead, Surrey
    beacon hotel hindhead - Google Search

    As per post above - get hold of his service records, only available from one place:
    Get a copy of military service records
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    No, only just applied - I started my research some years ago but my dad died some years ago and there was no immediate next of kin, I have some significant information Gunner 981047, here but I'm going through these documents once more .

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    I think that letter is an A.
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    It is - my misunderstanding then, it said immediate NOK - which I took to mean his wife, mother or two sons. I guess it doesn't matter now as they are all gone and there is just me.

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    If you read the form it states "The immediate Next of Kin whose consent is required for disclosure of the record is the first Person in the following list that is still alive."
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    You just beat me to it - I did just read it again - Thank you, :salut:
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    Noted , sorry!
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    You dont need to be next of kin to apply

    Apply for the records of someone who's deceased
    You can apply for a copy of someone else’s service records if any of the following apply:

    • you’re their immediate next of kin, for example their spouse or parent
    • you’ve got consent from their immediate next of kin
    • you have a general research interest - you’ll only have access to limited information, unless they died more than 25 years ago
    You need to know the person’s full name, date of birth and service number.
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    Royal Artillery attestations 1883-1942:


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