Some war time views of Castle Archdale.

Discussion in 'The War In The Air' started by James S, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. James S

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    A really fantastic photo how often have I looked over the view and a few years back found the cement bases of the radio masts , the legs simply having been cut off at ground level.
    Thank you for posting this photo , really very a wonderful look back in time.
  2. James S

    James S Very Senior Member

    Owen sent me some feedback from a "non member" on this thread which has all in all turned out very well , with much thanks to the many members and visitors who have added so much to it.
    I think we tend to overlook how much we collectively can put together.
  3. Peter Austin

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  4. Peter Austin

    Peter Austin New Member

    Smart looking bloke in the middle is my Dad . . . Bunny Austin. Quite a shock and very moving to come across it. We were there from 1946(?)7,8ish and then off to North Luffenham followed by Hendon where he retired in 1953. Died in 1973 and my Mum died three years ago aged 96! She would have loved to have seen this. I went to school in Lisnarick. Still have quite a photos in the old albums.
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  5. Helen1497

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    I'm interested in seeing a photo of Norman Belcher, air crew, as mentioned in your post, but there is only one photo attached which doesn't seem to correspond. I'd be grateful if you would clarify... thanks.

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