Staff Sergeant P.W.B. Musitano, Glider Pilot Regiment

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    Glad you liked the write up. Hope he had a wonderful rest of his life. Did he tell you any stories about Rennes? Any details you remember would be great.
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    Yes he had a great life
    he ran a hotel on a boat for a few years, with 10 cats and dogs and 2 monkeys lol
    he then ran a pub which he did till he retired
    and partied every night
    it was a pub called The Ship in Padstow
    an old Pirate ship
    it was the most beautiful and enchanting town
    He and my granmother only had my Father
    I am trying to fill in all the gaps

    Sadly Bill never told me any stories I can remember,
    other than the time the germans captured him.
    But it was much more elaborated than reality
    as he said it was a cannon that dented his back
    or at least thats what I remember
    he would have done this, he was always making up jokes
    teaching me naughty sailor songs to annoy my Mother

    I would ask him to tell me stories,
    and like my father who was a submariner they said they couldnt discuss anything
    as they signed the official secrets act,
    I know my great great granfather was a gunner
    I know my great grandfather was in the army but dont know what he did
    I am going to apply to MD to release all the secret stories about all 4 of them
    This site is amazing
    Your amazing
    Thanks so much for sharing everything
    I just realised your not Sirjahn your name is Dale
    thank you so much for your help
    I feel Bill is with me
    its so wonderful.

    Many many thanks


    Thank yo

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