Stalag IIIA SBO Letter to Soviet Commandant re Repatriation

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    Hi Dave, my email is patvinycomb(at) I have had problems getting hold of MI9 liberation reports from the national archives because of COVID limitations and not all files digitalised.
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    Message passed and I sent S/Ldr Booker's evasion report to your email address.


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    Re 168 Airmen in Buchenwald 1944
    I have been busy over the last two months just catching up. Sgt Frederick Samuel Vinecombe died age 106 on 27th January 2021. he was living in Plymouth I have linked up to his family. also linked up with Mike Dorsey - thank you.
    have you the disposition of the RCAF officer who helped to bury the body of the young French boy who was shot dead on route to Buchenwald?
    Thank Pat

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