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    Whilst rummaging through my old photos I came across this old pic under the title of "4 Harmonica Kids".

    I hasten to explain...………….

    In 1934 Larry Adler was at his height as harmonica virtuoso and Borra Minovitch (excuse the spelling)
    was the leader of a similarly famous group of mouth organ players.
    While all this was going on I was part of an amateur group at my local boy's club and we did remarkably well until we disbanded because we had started work and no longer had time to rehearse !

    Nothing to do whatsoever with WW2 but thought you might be amused :)


    Harmonica Kids.JPG
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    Wot no mention of Max Geldray pioneer of the jazz harmonica in the 30s and a better player than Adler? (and a less inflated view of his own importance). A D Day veteran he later became a member of the Goon Show musical backing "That was Mr. Max Geldray imitating music".
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    You haven't changed a bit, Ron. :unsure:
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