Taking of BREMEN April 45

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    That would be wonderful. Please do not go out of your way. Yes they had a hard fight for roughly a little over a week leading into Bremen.
  2. Anything in particular?
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    Anything that would be pertinent or descriptions of the fighting from 17 April -27 April. You can also email me here: driveoncaen at gmail.com if it is easier.

    Thank you again for taking the time! Their actions should never be forgotten.
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    The map below is from the History of the 52nd Lowland Division, "Mountain and Flood". Because of the length of the original I photographed it in 2 parts. Hope this is of help.

    52nd Lowland Bremen 1.jpg

    52nd Lowland Bremen 2.jpg
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    The former command bunker of the 8th Flak Division, last headquarter of General Becker
    Today, the two-storey building is used as a storage room for the garden tools used in the Bürgerpark
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  7. Good Morning Bayonet Productions! I was so busy yesterday, but am sending emails with copies of Manchester's war diaries for March, April and May 1945 to you now. Please let me know if all the attachments do not come through as I'm not particularly tech savvy!
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    A Short History of 30 Corps in the European Campaign includes the following very brief account and map.


    I think the honour of the capture has to be split between 52nd Div and 3rd. As with many towns in April 1945 (I am gathering), the bridges had been blown, so two separate attacks were required.

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