Tank & Armoured Light Aid Detachment War Diaries

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  1. Roddy1011

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    Hi to all -

    Does anyone have digital copies of Tank or Armoured Regimental LAD War Diaries they could post or let me have ? I am after any listings of vehicle T or CT census numbers for tanks or carriers...

    Many thanks in anticipation

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    Lot's of folks here that can provide assistance. I suggest you post the specific regiments that you are after as that will, perhaps, narrow the focus.
  3. Ron Goldstein

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  4. Roddy1011

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    Thanks for that...

    For a number of years I was able to use the quite excellent International Loan Service for those spools that covered the Canadian Tank & Armoured regiments, Changes of Command, and Home Service units. The latter two were excellent for carrier numbers using Canadian VRNs although I doubt if there are any corresponding T-Numbers for these vehicles...or are there ?

    Of course, the real treasure trove was to be found in the records of 25 (Can) Armd Delivery Regt (Elgin Regt) whose delivery squadrons appear to have been very good at recording where vehicles went. Moreover, with 1 (Polish) Armd Div u/c, it is unique in providing details there as well...

    The really big question is whether the records of the Can Base Ordnance Depot at Borden survived ? In the UK, the card index of vehs appears to have been destroyed...did it survive in Canada ?

    To that end, I am after any details of vehs in the CT or T series that people might have come across when going through LAD, Veh Park or Recovery Section records. This is a long shot but any that will help would be most gratefully received...

    As examples I att a few pages of what I am after...I apologise for the poor quality of some, I had to take photos as screen shots from the readers !


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  5. Roddy1011

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    Ron -

    Many thanks...att are two pages I found in the 2 Armd Div WD...magic for a spotter like me !


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