Tank outside Lulworth Camp Gunnery School

Discussion in 'Weapons, Technology & Equipment' started by Bob Chandler, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. Bob Chandler

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  2. Owen

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    Centurion Mark.......ummm??
  3. Slipdigit

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    It looks a lot like a Centurion, but you will need to let someone who actually knows something about British tanks to tell you correctly.

    VP or Bodston?
  4. sapper

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    Have a lovely break Bob.
    Its my country. I did a bit of a broadcast for the BBC at Tyneham on the 60th Anniversary of D Day.
    Beautiful countryside, specially from the lookout on top the hill looking down on Tyneham...
    All that area is a wild life sanctuary, due to the care of the Military since 1942.
    I sincerely hope they never leave, for while they are there, the countryside will remain in a pristine condition. helped out by the great care of the Range Officer.

    I had the pleasure of having lunch with the original residents of Tynreham at the New Inn Church Knowle. In the Company of the BBCs Hazel Irvine, and the Colonel that led in the Ulster Rifles on D Day.

    Interesting to talk to those elderly folk about what it was like to live in Tyneham in the prewar years.
    Something I have great sympathy with..For it reflects almost photo copy of my early Dorset life.
    Cheers Sapper.
  5. Bodston

    Bodston Little Willy

    Centurion Mark.......ummm??

    I reckon Centurion Mk. 5/2 - 6 Nato standard 105mm gun
    Hard to tell though
  6. Bob Chandler

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  7. sapper

    sapper WW2 Veteran WW2 Veteran

    The lookout is on top of the ridge that looks down on Tyneham and the countryside. Favourite place for many folk that stop there for a picnic, But it has view from both sides the hill.
    if I knew when you were there I would try to get there myself.
  8. sapper

    sapper WW2 Veteran WW2 Veteran

    PS Bob.
    have you made sure that Tyneham abd the ridge road is open? For often the whole area is closed off.
  9. Capt.Sensible

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    A pleasent Sunday afternoon stroll can be had by parking at the sign-posted NT car-park at the head of the Tyneham valley and wandering down to the cove. On the left are a couple of dozen range hulks including Saracen, Saladins, various versions of Humber Pigs and FV 432 carriers. The way off the cove includes some fine dragons teeth on the east side. I remember as a small boy seeing many more hulks spread over the ranges but was too young to identify them. In later life, we were warned about a particular hazard to training on the range, which was miles and miles of fine wire left after early anti-tank guided missiles were fired on the range. The Australian Malkarra missile system was supposed to be the main depositor, I think. You have to hope that the clearance of the hulks from the ranges in the last 20 years was done with at least some knowledge of thier potential historical worth - after all, think of that splendid M3 Grant/Lee colander that was running at the Beltring/War and Peace show this summer!

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