Terminal Equipment Vehicle Army (TEV) Type A & B Information

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    Recently, I became interested about the details of radio and wire communications in the 8th Army during the early 1942 (Gazala up to Alamein) but I could not find much information, at least to the detail I wanted (down to radio and wire diagrams). So, I decided to get an idea about the signal capabilities of large Commonwealth formations at the time by browsing some free Canadian War Diaries ( http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocihm.lac_mikan_13370 ).

    As I was browsing the files, I accidentally found some interesting information about the configuration of the TEV (Army), and I immediately recalled that Trux's excellent WE site mentioned that there was little information available for this vehicle. So, I am posting here the related images of the pages with the available information. Notice by the way, that at the time of the report the TEV (Army) was not a finished product. Still, it seems that it was close enough to completion to make this information relevant. There is also some information about the TEV (Division or Corps)

    167 (2).jpg 168.jpg 169.jpg 170.jpg 171.jpg 172.jpg 173.jpg 174.jpg 175.jpg 176.jpg
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    These are very welcome. While there is a wealth of material on wireless sets and vehicles there is very little published on line communication equipment. I will study the above carefully.

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    There is some detail on TEVs from the "Vehicle Data Book" for the Canadian Army Overseas, of December 1944.


    "Lorry, 3-ton, TEV Corps; Manufacturer - GM

    Op role - used by RC Sigs at Corps HQ under CSO for carrying telephone switchboards and teleprinters thus serving as Corps switchboard vehicle, working forward to Division and back to Army.

    Body details - House type, Brit built, steel, length 13ft, side and rear doors. Equipment includes two teleprinters, test bench, two 30-line switchboards, carrier and repeater equipment. Divided into two compartments, forward one for switchboards, rear one for teleprinters, carrier and test equipment.

    Lorry, 3-ton, TEV Div; Manufacturer - GM

    Op role - used by RC Sigs at Div HQ under OC Sigs for carrying divisional telephone switchboard and teleprinters working forward to Brigade and back to Corps and Army.

    Body details - House type, Brit built, steel, length 13ft, side and rear doors. Combinations of equipment can be used. Two 20-line switchboards and four Fullerphones is typical. Equipment includes two cable reels, batteries and chorehorse."

    I'd second the point on the dearth of info available on line equipment, it takes a great deal of digging to unearth a few nuggets on the subject.

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