The 3rd Battalion the Monmouthshire Regiment

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    During my research into the 3rd Mons for my book project (Your Peace is Bought with Mine - A Welsh Poet at War) I was given access to the private archives at a local museum Musée de La Percée du Bocage (Musée de La Percée du Bocage Musée 44 La Percée du Bocage - Operation Bluecoat - Accueil).

    Those that have tried to look into the 3rd Mons before have no doubt noticed the lack of books. Their official unit history is both hard to find and when discovered, very expensive. I was delighted to find within their private collection a unit History written about 40 years after the end of WW2 by a veteran of the 3rd Mons Hedley J. Bunce.

    I was given a copy of the 75 page history that spans 1939 to 1946 with additional history dating back to 1660 within. I was also granted permission to share the file with like minded individuals so I hope this document is of use to some of you. You can download it at the link provided below.


    3rd Mons history by Hedley J. Bunce.pdf
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    Great museum and great area for a (Operation Bluecoat) battlefield tour. Not much seems to have changed, apart from removal of most battle scars.

    13a - Crossroads at Saint Martin des Besaces.jpg
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    Thanks for he share,

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