The 4th Royal Tank Regiment carried a distinctive "Chinese" eye...

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    We had them all the way to amalgamation with 1RTR in 1993.

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    There was also an RE8 paid for by a similar donation that had an eye painted on it

    The Central tank work shops in France were largely manned by Chinese but the painting of individual markings on tanks at the time was very much a matter for the. battalions and the crews them selves. There are for example at least a couple of examples of maple leaves even though the Canadian Tank Corps was still in training back in England.
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    All the RTR AFV’s currently sport the ‘Chinese Eyes’ and have done so since the 1st and 2nd amalgamated in 2014!
  5. Hi does anyone have information regarding my dad Reg Whitehouse who was in the 4rtrs during the war.Moving up through Italy.
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    Unfortunately I've not really studied them myself. My grandfather was with them only, quite a while prior to ww2, in the early 1930's...

    Have you looked at some of the other possible 4-RTR tags?

    i.e. - 4 royal tank regiment | WW2Talk

    It might make sense to post something too in some of those if there looks like being something of more relevance in them to WW2 in Italy etc. .?

    I think some of the earlier links in this thread have ceased to lead to the sites where I previously saw some info.

    Though this is still currently, I think, an accessible site - 4and7 RTR - Home Page

    Also there are a few RTR groups on Fb. .?

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