The Battle for Warsaw, 1944

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    The Defeat of the Damned: The Destruction of the Dirlewanger Brigade at the Battle of Ipolysag, December 1944
    Book by Douglas E. Nash

    If anyone could add info about the Battle of Ipolysag, December 1944 I would be most grateful thank you
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    Apart from the book there appear to be other sources via a search for Ipolysag ww2; including a YouTube 2hr plus documentary. It was in Hungary, now in Slovakia. Too busy to look deeper.
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    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    Thank you for the reply
    When your not so busy can you keep me updated on your findings thank you
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    With reference to the dropping of supplies to Warsaw during the Uprising, 148 (Special Duties) Squadron RAF and 1586 (Polish) Flight - later 301 (Polish) Squadron - flew Halifaxes out of Brindisi to do so. Both suffered heavy casualties engaged in this task which might involve dropping to a specific city square from 500 feet, at night, under fire; German night fighters were active along the route, too. The total flying time might be 11 hours, repeated night after night, which in itself put great strain on men and machines. When my uncle Don and his crew arrived in September 1944 with other 624 (SD) Squadron crews to make up the numbers, there were so few remaining aircraft they didn't fly an op until late October.
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