The Censor's Pencil.

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    As likely as anything, though there is a plethora of shots of aircraft, tanks, vehicles etc. with unit identifying marks simply scrubbed out on print or negative.
    They also don't seem to bother much for aircraft serials.
    I'm still thinking composition or (ineffective) hiding of type.

    [​IMG] THE POLISH NAVY IN BRITAIN, 1939-1947. © IWM (HU 76134) IWM Non Commercial License
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    While some of these are the censors pen, or negative scratch outs, the wax pencil scribbles are the news-paper editors cross outs, to focus on the subject before going to print.

    Having reviewed a good number of newspaper photos from the UK for public consumption, in the newspapers in SA.

    The Cape Times and Die Berger, the editor crops the photographs, in chinograph pencil to highlight what should be the front page or highlighted print.

    If you visit a local newspaper (if indeed they still exist) photo data base filing cabinets you will see what I mean.
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    It wasn't just Allied forces that were subject to censors pencils, as below, note the tape along the bottom. 'Geoffnet' translates as 'open', whilst OKW was 'Oberkommando der Wehrmacht', the German high command. Although it is dated 12 July 1941 this was probably picked up by a member of 76th HAA Regt as Foggia/Cerignola, where there were air bases and railway yards, was overrun by Allies as they moved north in Italy late in '43/early '44.

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  4. A well known photo, from a series of similar ones shot on D Day at Bernières-sur-Mer (NAN WHITE Beach).
    Unfortunately I failed to record the source at the time I downloaded it:
    NAN WHITE Green Gap - LCI(L) 299 - A_023938 - Canadian Official Photographer - censored-.jpg
    and its original, uncensored version (just under the 2MB limit :):
    A23938 wiki.jpg
    Source: Fichier:Follow-up waves of the 9th Canadian Infantry Brigade disembarking with bicycles from landing craft onto 'Nan White' sector of Juno Beach at Bernieres-sur-Mer, 6 June 1944. A23938.jpg — Wikipédia

    The heavily retouched version has obliterated the SBG assault bridge and made it all but impossible to identify the location.

    Another exemple of the same SBG bridge being (somewhat unefficiently) erased, this time by scratching the negative, so no uncensored version is available:
    NAN WHITE Green Gap - LCI(L) 299 - PA-122765.jpg
    Source: Library and Archives Canada Negative Number PA-122765
    Record - Library and Archives Canada

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  5. Général de Gaulle visits France, 14 June 1944: General de Gaulle lands in France, 14 June 1944 - NAM 107365.jpg

    'ALICE' M5537365 is a Jeep from Tactical Headquarters, 21 Army Group, hence perhaps the censorship on its Arm of Service flash and serial [8d over Black] for HQ 21 A Gp, with a 'T' in the bottom left corner to indicate Tac HQ, although the Formation Sign of HQ 21 Army Group is left untouched...
    A70 45-5 - 480 - 1944-06-14 - Johnson - 00.52 - de Gaulle in France.jpg
    Gen de Gaulle, Bayeux 14 Jun 44 - Frank Scherschel - TimeLife_image_116688321.jpg

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