The Chronicle of 310 Company RASC

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  1. Tom James

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    I have original copy of The Chronicle of 310 Company RASC (ARMD BDE) Commencing The Journey to Normandy, and including the following chapters - The Caen Sector, The Bocage Country, The Gallop, The Albert Canal, The Battle of the Bridges, Rest & Build up, Onto german Soil, The enemy's Counter Attck in the Ardennes. Clearing the west Bank of the Rhine, Over the Rhine and away to the North East, ending Chapter 12 The Road Home. But Alas I do not have the last page, or pages, can any one "HELP" Plaese? Many Thanks in anticipation. Tom james
  2. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    Moved post to own thread as it seemed lost where it was.
    I hope someone can help .
  3. Historic Steve

    Historic Steve Researching 21 Army Group/BAOR post VE day

    Welcome Tom
    My research is strictly post May 45 but can confirm the company were part of the Guards Armoured Division who converted to infantry at Rotenburg Airfield on 9 Jun 45 and renamed Guards Division...sorry have no location details...perhaps others can help...
  4. Johnboy

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    Hello Tom
    Glad to know there are two copies of 'The Chronicle of 310 Company RASC' in existence. I have a copy too - complete.
    There is just one page you are missing. If you have access to email I can let you have that last page. email me at

    I dont visit this site often but will check back in a few days to see there is a reply.
  5. Malcolm Warry

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    I, too, have a complete copy of this Chronicle including the coloured map at the end
  6. Malcolm Warry

    Malcolm Warry New Member

    I also have the complete chronicle including the colored map at the end. I also have an original of the HQ Guards Division 1946 Farewell Christmas Dinner programme detailing the Christmas menu and activities for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the Football Match, Officers v Sergeants on Boxing Day

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